“Record-Installations” —
Video Documention of
Contemporary Art

Installation, Media and Performance Art calls for special means of documentation that effectively capture the complex and often site-specific, variable and interactive nature of these contemporary artworks. Video documentation is a highly effective and fully informative method that offers many advantages over traditional still photography and textual description.
“Record-Installations” specializes in high-quality and comprehensive video documentation that is customized to capture the full experience of an artwork: its overall impression, its relation to the surrounding space and architecture, its physical construction, the visual characteristics and relation of its components, time-specific features such as movement and choreography of kinetic or performative works, sound, light, or its interactivity with the audience.

Our Services

We are offering our services internationally and produce videos in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. Depending on the desired focus of the documentation, our approach can be tailored to illustrate particular characteristics or information about an artwork. Typically, our service includes both the shooting of the footage and the process of editing it. The following categories list common video documentation scenarios:
1 Video Documentation for Art Distribution / 2 Video Documentation for Art Preservation / 3 Installation Instructions on Video / 4 Artist Interviews on Video /
5 Video Documentation of Performances and other Temporary Artistic Events /
6 Editing of existing Video Footage